The importance of making sure that you have a valid, legal will, structured to devolve your estate as fast and cost-effectively as possible to provide financial comfort to your chosen beneficiaries at a time when you cannot, should not be underestimated and will give you peace of mind for your family’s future.

Further to the nomination of heirs and appointment of an executor, there are many complex issues to consider when creating a will; issues such as debt, taxes, estate administration costs, estate duty, maintenance orders, minor children, offshore assets, and business interests - to name but a few. 

Only an experienced and qualified estate attorney has knowledge of all the complexities which could have unnecessary negative financial implications for your family, business and heirs if they are not handled expertly and professionally.

We have the skill and expertise to assist you with the drafting of a Last Will and Testament, including the necessary related property transactions and testamentary trust creation.

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