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Home Loans and Bonds

Our competent and experienced Bond Department has the expertise to assist you with each step of the bond registration process.

RNI is proud to serve on the following banks’ bond registration panels:

  • ABSA (Homeloans)
  • FNB (Homeloans, Private Bank Lending (Private Wealth & Private Clients), LCS, Commercial)
  • Nedbank
  • Investec
  • Standard Bank (Homeloans & Commercial Property Finance)

We attend to a wide variety of bond registrations, including:

  • Residential Mortgage Bonds (for freehold and sectional properties)
  • Registration of Further Bonds (ie 2nd/3rd/4th bonds over a property)
  • Commercial Mortgage Bonds
  • Development Bonds
  • Notarial Bonds (Special and General)
  • Registration of Private Bonds (including registration of the Mortgagee with the National Credit Regulator ''NCR'' if applicable)

The bond registration process in a nutshell:

  1. Receive instruction from the bank
  2. Make contact with client to obtain FICA and required info
  3. Make contact with linked transferring attorney to obtain required information and guarantee requirements
  4. Client signs bond documents as soon as they are prepared
  5. Submit all documents to the bank for approval prior to lodging at the Deeds Office, and you as the client will receive a notification from us that your bond has been lodged
  6. Registration takes place between eight and ten days after lodgment 

For more information and advice on bond registrations and home loans, please contact Nicole Deschamps at


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