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R190k Raised to Save Kariega’s Rhinos

Port Elizabeth based law firm Rushmere Noach has itself and through generous contributions from its clients recently donated R190 000 towards the Kariega Foundation Trust’s “Save the Rhino” project.

The donation is the culmination of a drive to raise funds initiated as part of the firm’s recent birthday celebrations. The donation cheque was presented to Graeme Rushmere of Kariega at a function attended by the Rushmere Noach board and their partners during a most enjoyable weekend stay over the 12th and 13th October 2013 at the world-renowned Kariega Game Reserve.

The donation was made by the firm to mark their 80th birthday celebrations and it further cements the ties that unite Rushmere Noach law with the family of one of its founding members.   Rushmere Noach and Kariega Game Reserve share a long-standing family heritage both borne through its founding partner Colin Rushmere who started the firm in 1933 and then later, in 1989, when the vision of his son, also Colin, saw the pioneering of the family owned and operated game reserve, Kariega, when he purchased 660 hectares of pristine land bordering the upper reaches of the Kariega River.

At a dinner on the Saturday night, held at the Homestead at Kariega, when handing over the cheque  (made up of a contribution of R45 000 from Rushmere Noach and the balance of R145 000 through pledges from the firm’s clients) Steve Gough, Managing Director of Rushmere Noach said, “Rushmere Noach is eternally grateful for the generosity of our clients and colleagues and for their unselfish show of support towards our heritage and this chosen cause of Saving the Rhino, the importance of which Graeme so passionately conveyed at our recent function in Port Elizabeth.”

Kariega Game Reserve are delighted with the valuable donation and the money will be put in part towards an anti-poaching communication system that Graeme and his committed team are certain will further ensure the safety of the rhinos at the reserve.

Graeme Rushmere, speaking on behalf of Kariega said.  “It’s difficult to express how overwhelmed and grateful we are for the firm’s idea to highlight our cause and partner with our Foundation for Rushmere Noach’s 80th birthday celebration.   It is just an unbelievable and generous effort by everyone, including their clients”.

Kariega Game Reserve is vast and stretches across 10,000 hectares of pristine wilderness in the Eastern Cape and, situated along the famous Sunshine Coast and therefore holds challenges in protecting this endangered species on this outstretch of land. Kariega Game Reserve has not escaped unscathed.  On the 2nd of March 2012 a cow and two bull rhinos were poached at Kariega. Tragically, one bull was fatally wounded and died but, in an effort to save the other two rhinos, a team worked tirelessly for 24 days to give them the best possible chance for recovery and through these efforts, the cow, affectionately named Thandi (meaning hope in isiXhosa) survived and provides inspiration for the project and hope for the survival of her species.  Rushmere Noach’s drive to raise funds will make a marked contribution towards meeting the challenges faced by Kariega who have also dehorned all their rhino in an effort to protect them.

The “Save the Rhino” project is a cause that sits close to the hearts of the community within the Eastern Cape and Rushmere Noach are particularly proud to be able to support Kariega and their efforts to put an end to rhino poaching in the region. Graeme Rushmere commented that “it is through the efforts of individuals and companies like Rushmere Noach, and the provision of much needed cash injections towards the project, that we might just have a fighting chance to save our beautiful rhino population from disappearing forever.”